Architect NTUA, MSc, MBA





1995   Master in Architecture      

            GPA 9.16/10.00

            National Technical University of Athens, Greece


1999   Master in Business Administration (MBA)                                   GPA 8.45/10.00

            University of Piraeus, Greece


2007  Master in Environmental Design of Cities & Buildings

           GPA 9.32/10.00

           Hellenic Open University, Patra, Greece



Areas of interest


  • Building Technology, Steel Structures

  • Industrial Design

  • Lighting Design

  • Bioclimatic Architecture & Environmental Design

  • Technical project management & Construction management



Grants & Awards


1989 - Ranked 8th in Nationwide General University Examination

1990-94 - Ranked 1st (out of 100 students) since the first year of study at the NTUA

1995 - Ranked 1st (out of 115 graduates) of the School ofArchitecture, NTUA.

1992,93 - Merit-Based Scholarships from the National Scholarship Foundation of Greece                                       1990,1994 - Honorary Awards from the Technical Chamber of Greece for excellent academic performance 1995 - Award from the Damirion Foundation, Athens, Greece

1995 - Samaras Scholarship for graduating rank



Language skills


  • Greek: Native language, excellent knowledge

  • English: Excellent knowledge

  • French: Excellent knowledge

  • Italian: Very good knowledge

  • German: Very good knowledge

  • Finnish: Good knowledge


Computer skills


Computer Systems:     

Personal Computers & Macintosh

Operating Systems:     

MS-DOS, Macintosh OS, MS Windows

Computer Software:

AUTOCAD 2D & 3D, Autodesk Revit,

Architectural Desktop by Autodesk,

Hewllet Packard ME10,

MS Publisher, MS Photodraw, MS Office,

MS FrontPage, MS Project, Web browsing & e-mail software, Primavera Enterprise user, SAP R/3 user


Drawing skills


free-hand drawing, architectural drawing, perspective, charcoal, pencil, ink, pastels, water colour, 2D & 3D CAD (surface & solid modelling)



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